To divide One’s time-

With fates that intertwine-

Escaping thoughts of suicide-

My penalties go blind-

As they extract what’s left inside-

With wishes of I…disabled to die-

Battles consist with symptoms of Hyde-

Thy Jekell…is surely out of time-

Scrambled answers to questions of-why?

As emotions conflict-Running low and high-

Soon scattered prophecies begin to collide-

But matter constricts what’s beyond normal eye-

With visions so untrusting—Always turn to lie-

I’m lead to follow…with no turn to hide-

As thy behind is covered by pride-

Freed to co-exist with a lust unsatisfied-

Your Angels’ and Demons’ struggle for control-

Of an easy influenced mind and troubled soul-

With little knowledge we possess, enables you so bold-

The false and truths’ speak-have yet to be told-

Events that makes us weak-situations of our scold-

Dance together around heat-left alone in the cold-

Amazing…the site…when broken free of the mold-

Some believe to try…yet many have fallen-

Billions yet to die…but still you are crawling-

To the end of the road…whatever your journey-

Swallow your emptiness and insights of unworthy-

As your wheels of time continue the turning-

Your essence of sense is left burning-

An endless search of a fitting prize-

Hesitations of none…for if you can otherwise-

Break thru the gaze of your Devil’s eyes…

                            $  LordInfamousJoker $